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How To Mentally Prepare Your Students

No matter what type of class you may be teaching, a huge part of the student’s success is in the palm of their..brain. Baseball Hall of Famer Yogi Berra is credited with saying that “90 percent of the game is half mental.” The physical aspect of a sport or activity can only take you so far. The mental aspect has to …continue reading

Thinking lifetime (don’t break the chain)

Thinking lifetime (don’t break the chain) -Seth Godin The traveling salesman, the carnival barker and the old-time businessman can hit and run. Make the sale, cut your costs, move on. Today, though, in the connection economy, two huge factors are at work: Subscription. The lifetime value of a customer is high and getting higher. You might buy $50,000 from one …continue reading

Dream Tool for Managing Recitals

Pulling all of your recital elements together into one place that helps you organize and manage the details can make a big difference in whether you keep your sanity as your recital approaches. Songs, performers, programs can quickly and easily get out of hand without a management tool that is intelligent enough to see and alert you to conflicts and …continue reading

Fixing Your Young Dancers’ Bad Habits

The line that a dancer creates as she performs her ballet moves it critical to her style and to the quality at which her performance is judged. So even the minute details are important. There are some bad habits that young dancers begin to develop – and these can be nipped in the bud so that they don’t get full-blown …continue reading

Studio Lease Negotiation

There is a very basic event in the life of your business that can make a tremendous impact to your cash flow and business structure and even seemingly unrelated abilities such as establishing branding by location. This is the signing of your studio lease. This is a significant milestone – unless you’re lucky enough to own your own building. Negotiating …continue reading

Angry Client Management

A great resource for articles on important topics for small business is Recently the director of operations for a Washington, D.C.-based branding firm shared insight into handling angry clients in a feature article for the publication. And whether we like to admit it or not – we all have them and need to know the best way to deal …continue reading

Top 6 Ways to Improve Your Website

Your website is your first impression with most of your new customers. It is the face of your business. Making sure your website communicates appropriately, is critical. Below is a list of 6 ways to improve how your website performs. I’ve put together this list based on years of experience working with small businesses and helping them optimize their online …continue reading

Celebrate Dr. Seuss and Reading

March 2 is a very appropriate day to kick off the National Education Association’s annual Read Across America campaign because it is Dr. Seuss’s birthday! This year marks the 17th Read Across America Day (March 3. Many will gather to celebrate and share their love of reading. And for Theodor Seuss Geisel (Dr. Seuss) it would have been his 106th …continue reading

Don’t Feel Guilty About Turning a Profit

Don’t fall into the trap that many facility owners before you have fallen: Feeling guilty about making money. Your facility – whether it is a dance studio, gymnastics facility or swim school – may be a tremendous creative outlet for you and a way that you can help your students experience dance as you have come to love it, but …continue reading

Be Prepared with Answers Before These Questions are Asked

Here are three key questions that you – as an organization that serves children and youth – should be able to answer when parents ask them. After all, parents want their children to be in a safe and secure environment when they are learning an activity. What is your employee and volunteer screening process? A simple criminal background check is …continue reading