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Raising Prices: When is the Time Right?

Here are some tips that we’ve done our own proof of effectiveness on in the Patti’s All American gym. Your parents can make some comments that definitely get you thinking but don’t react to their comments. Do your own research and do the right thing for your business. Note Patti’s advice on how to drive home the benefits of choosing …continue reading

The Winners of the Free Dance Teacher Summit Tickets are …

Carey Macik, Administrative Manager at Dance Expressions in Friendswood, Texas and Peg Moore-Maioriello, Artist-in-Residence at Transcend Dance Inc., in Mt. Vernon, NY are our winners! Carey and Peg will each receive a ticket for admission to the Dance Teacher Summit coming up August 1-3.                          We had such fabulous response …continue reading

Marketing Email Templates – Coming Soon!

Email marketing is the glue that holds marketing together. Once you have email addresses, you can focus on customer retention, delivering timely, relevant messages to existing customers, increased involvement, recommendations, etc. By communicating with them appropriately, you can lead them through a cycle or build them into loyal advocates of your brand. Jackrabbit’s email templates are a great way to …continue reading

Focus on Help Instead of Fear

It seems to be the norm for folks to use noncompetes to protect their studios. Well, that may not be the best route for really ensuring that your business is safe when instructors or other studio employees exit your employ. Dance Teacher Magazine provides some good information from actual circumstances that can help you to understand why the noncompete often …continue reading

East User Conference Videos

We are excited to share the East User Conference videos with you here. These are a collection of the different topics we went over in Charlotte this spring.  You will also see the talks from top industry leaders, Randy Sikora, Suzanne Gerety, and Sean Dever. Share your feedback with us! We love hearing how you like our training sessions.   …continue reading

A Webinar A Day

We’re all about lifelong learning at Jackrabbit and want to help you become a Jackrabbit expert as much as we can! Webinars are a great way to learn in a classroom like setting – but virtual. Our webinars start with a presentation of the feature and then we open up the floor for questions. Just like classrooms, you can ask …continue reading

Got Stage Fright?

If you get stage fright, you are NOT alone. According to a recent article about stage fright by Rachel Zar entitled Your Body: Got Stage Fright? in Dance Magazine, at least 50 percent of performing artists, regardless of age, gender or experience level, have had problems with performance anxiety which is commonly known as stage fright. There are some terrifying …continue reading

Be Part of Trend Report: Participate in Important Industry Survey

Would you like to be included in Dance Studio Nation’s Annual Report? This is an awesome opportunity to include your studio in data collected to identify trends in the dance industry. The Annual Report survey is open and the initial response has been exciting. DSN would like to see lots of participation because more data makes the report much better …continue reading

Can people find your business?

Have you ever tried to google your business and see if it’s even on the map? In today’s world, your online profile is your front door. This is where people get their first impression of your business. Technology is the main factor in this; customers and potential customers can simply browse the internet instead of driving around town. It’s much …continue reading

Selling Recital Ads Through Jackrabbit

Keeping up with all the moving parts of a recital can be a full time job. We’re here to make your job easier and take less time. The recital feature in Jackrabbit is a great way to organize your recital and the performances. You can even collect money for advertisements through Jackrabbit. Take for example, CK DanceWorks. This is a …continue reading