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Juggling the Business AND Family

Moms are often the ones “responsible” for taking care of the family although the instances of men in this role is trending higher.  What also are growing are the number of businesses owned by women. And so the two worlds collide. There is a way to manage this and it’s proven. There are many Mom/Business Owners out there who are …continue reading

Marketing Email Templates Are LIVE!

Email marketing is the glue that holds marketing together. Once you have email addresses, you can focus on customer retention, delivering timely, relevant messages to existing customers, increased involvement, recommendations, etc. By communicating with them appropriately, you can lead them through a cycle or build them into loyal advocates of your brand. Jackrabbit’s email templates are a great way to …continue reading

Four Components That Can Help Your Team Stay Motivated

Wikipedia describes motivation as the driving force that causes the flux from desire to will in life. If – as John Quincy Adams notes “your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more, and become more, you are a leader.” And you are a motivator. Any groups of athletes need a leader and a motivator. There are plenty …continue reading

What are the Benefits of Having Company Policies?

There are many benefits to having well-written company policies. Aside from helping an employer defend itself against an unfair termination claim or liability claim, they can demonstrate that the company is being operated in an efficient and professional manner.  Additionally, they foster stability and ensure consistency in decision making and operational procedures. A good workplace policy clearly states to whom …continue reading

Being an Athlete Requires Good Habits

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.” Aristotle Athletes are not average people. While athletes may come into the world as average, they soon change. Athletes have a drive to constantly improve that is not present in every human being. Becoming an athlete is all about developing skills that are beyond normal …continue reading

Are You Ready For Fall?

Get ready for the fall by checking off these ways to share your class schedule and registration links to customers. Our customers tell us they love this feature the most because it allows their customers to register and get information online anytime. With technology becoming such a big part of our daily lives, offering online registration is becoming expected from …continue reading

Studio Preparedness for Less Stress and More Success

Recital is over and you feel like you should be able to just kick back and put your feet up. Book a cruise or at least a day at the spa. Well, that’s not really the best thing to do. While relaxation is more what you’d like, you should keep your nose to the grindstone and do some preparation for …continue reading

Email Inactives & Lead File Families From Jackrabbit

Email marketing is alive and well and there are quite a few reasons why email marketing is important for your business. [read more here] Jackrabbit has an email system within your database to capitalize on this marketing technique. Being able to send a quick note to your class about a closing has never been easier. Keep in touch with students …continue reading

Sharing Dance

There is a wonderful story to tell from the Fresno, CA Zimmerman Boys & Girls Club. It might be a storage room with no air conditioning that is really too small for the dozen young people to dance. They keep banging into hockey equipment and each other but they are having a blast in the Just Dance program that was …continue reading

How to Create Successful Facebook Ads

Facebook is a great advertising tool, as long as you are using it correctly. News feed ads are extremely effective and you should definitively take advantage of them to get fresh leads for your business. #1: Create a Business Facebook Page If you haven’t already done so, create a Facebook page for your business. Make sure you can access both your page …continue reading