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Protect Your Business

Wouldn’t it be terrible if someone else opened a studio, gym, school or center with the same – or almost the same – name as yours? If this happened, could you defend yourself against it or would you just have to do damage control and hope for the best? A recent feature in The Cheer Professional shares some views on …continue reading

HR Basics: Changing the Payroll Workweek

Can We Change The Payroll Workweek of Our Employees? Yes, but be careful. The payroll workweek is the fixed seven day, 168-hour period that is used for purposes of determining overtime due for non-exempt employees, and the basis for wage payment and deductions. It does not have to correspond to the calendar week. It can be changed. The only caveat …continue reading

Six Reasons Your Best Employees Quit You

There’s a saying that employees don’t leave companies, they leave managers – and today they are leaving more often than ever. According to recent Department of Labor statics, the average tenure of an employee in the U.S. is now only 1.5 years. What do these numbers mean? Are managers doing that bad of a job engaging and retaining their people. …continue reading

Dance Studio Nation Annual Report – Free Download

Ever wondered what else is going on in the dance industry? After surveying hundreds of dance studios, this report was created for you. WHAT IS THIS REPORT ABOUT? The report was almost an entire year in the making and involved the participation of hundreds of dance studios. You’ll find our top level insights about the industry of dance studios based on …continue reading

How Much Am I Worth? It Depends Who’s Asking…..

“What am I worth?” is an interesting question because it largely depends on who’s asking and why. An insurance advisor is considering your future. A headhunter is examining your track record and potential. But if the IRS is asking, you may need some help with specific expertise determine this answer. Let me explain by taking a step back. As pass-through …continue reading

Learning Secrets of the Classroom Help Studio Instructors

We all know that the dance studio isn’t the classroom but both are teaching/learning environments and there are things that dance instructors can borrow from their classroom counterparts. The biggest difference in the two environments, according to the article that we used as a resource for this article, is that the students in the dance studio generally want to …continue reading

Create Amazing Emails with Jackrabbit’s New Email Templates

If you’re diving into the new email templates, we have a few tips for you that will help you to take advantage of the new designs to get the best possible results from your emails. Click on and read the first link that says “Click Here for Template Instructions” At this link you can: Make several template designs your own …continue reading

Creating Life Balance To Achieve Success

If you love what you do, you will never work a day in your life. I can personally attest to the truth of this statement. But, as I have painfully discovered, a balanced life is also critical to your success. Especially, when self-employed. Being so deeply engaged with your job that you can’t stop doing it infers you are living …continue reading

Sometimes the Least Exciting Things Can Make a Difference

When asked what makes the most difference in growing and improving a studio, owners may guess that sexy activities like marketing campaigns and website redesigns. But it is actually quite mundane activities that can make the biggest difference in operational health and growth. These activities sometimes seem like a big secret because no one wants to talk about them. After …continue reading

Bullying Has No Place in Sports

Cheerleaders – synonymous with peppy, supportive and positive – or so you might think. But you hear more and more about those in the sport who bully other members of their teams by making insensitive, hurtful and harmful remarks – and even threats. Some situations are so difficult that athletes feel they have no alternative but to change gyms and …continue reading