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Email Inactives & Lead File Families From Jackrabbit

Email marketing is alive and well and there are quite a few reasons why email marketing is important for your business. [read more here] Jackrabbit has an email system within your database to capitalize on this marketing technique. Being able to send a quick note to your class about a closing has never been easier. Keep in touch with students …continue reading

How to Create Successful Facebook Ads

Facebook is a great advertising tool, as long as you are using it correctly. News feed ads are extremely effective and you should definitively take advantage of them to get fresh leads for your business. #1: Create a Business Facebook Page If you haven’t already done so, create a Facebook page for your business. Make sure you can access both your page …continue reading

You Can Help a Fellow Jackrabbit User

Relevé Performing Arts Center in Hendersonville, NC’s fantastic results at the recent Panama City Kids Artistic Review Competition were dampened by the devastating theft of one of the Center’s prop trailers! Jamie Osteen and Beth Bradley (co-owners) have been in business for only 4 years and are trying to absorb the totality of their losses so they can begin to …continue reading

Raising Prices: When is the Time Right?

Here are some tips that we’ve done our own proof of effectiveness on in the Patti’s All American gym. Your parents can make some comments that definitely get you thinking but don’t react to their comments. Do your own research and do the right thing for your business. Note Patti’s advice on how to drive home the benefits of choosing …continue reading

8 Reasons Email Marketing Is Important

Hundreds of billions of emails are sent out every single day. Using this form of communication in the technology driven world we live in is vital. Here are 8 reasons you should be using email marketing for your business. 1. Affordable Dare I say cheap? Well, maybe it isn’t “cheap” but is sure is a very low cost internet marketing …continue reading

Do What You’re Best At and Build Wealth

According to Forbes contributor, Russ Alan Price, doing what you best at and building wealth is possible! He took a close look at self-made millionaires to find their commonalities and to see where these commonalities might be the basis for their wealth building. His recent article in Forbes shares that the self-made millionaires are highly centered (i.e., very focused and …continue reading

Gymnast Shows Strength in American Ninja Warrior

Gymnasts have strength that is hard for others to understand. Kacy Catanzaro is one of these gymnasts that has unbelievable strength. If you’ve ever seen “American Ninja Warrior” on NBC, you know just how hard that obstacle course can be. Some of the world’s best and most well-conditioned athletes have failed trying to complete it. It has brought Navy SEALs …continue reading

The Winners of the Free Dance Teacher Summit Tickets are …

Carey Macik, Administrative Manager at Dance Expressions in Friendswood, Texas and Peg Moore-Maioriello, Artist-in-Residence at Transcend Dance Inc., in Mt. Vernon, NY are our winners! Carey and Peg will each receive a ticket for admission to the Dance Teacher Summit coming up August 1-3.                          We had such fabulous response …continue reading

Marketing Email Templates – Coming Soon!

Email marketing is the glue that holds marketing together. Once you have email addresses, you can focus on customer retention, delivering timely, relevant messages to existing customers, increased involvement, recommendations, etc. By communicating with them appropriately, you can lead them through a cycle or build them into loyal advocates of your brand. Jackrabbit’s email templates are a great way to …continue reading

50/50 Musts

When you think of a 50/50 partnership….think of a marriage. There are some striking similarities: Actions require consent from the other partner Trust is the most important factor You must understand each other You will spend an inordinate amount of time together Your decisions can have a grave or an exhilarating impact to both your lives Entrepreneur Magazine is a …continue reading