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Kindness: Three Truths To Help You Live Longer

Mostly everyone desires to be a good person. However, even the best of us can be pushed into unkind thoughts and actions against people who treat us poorly. I can recall several times in life where I fell into this unhealthy and unfortunate trap. At the time, my anger felt justified. However, justification quickly grew into frustration and then disappointment. …continue reading

Jackrabbit Technologies is Honored with Fast 50 Ranking for 5th Consecutive Year

Consistent Growth Driven By Customer Focus  CHARLOTTE, NC – December 9, 2014 – Jackrabbit Technologies, leading provider of online class management software for youth activities centers, was recently recognized by The Charlotte Business Journal as one of the area’s fastest growing companies, being ranked 35th in the 2014 ranking of businesses, Fast 50: Fastest Growing Private Companies.    “We’re honored to receive this …continue reading

How to Teach the Splits

Teach your gymnasts how to do a split at the end of class. Why? Watch the video below to find out and see my other tips for teaching splits. International speaker and gymnastics school owner Patti Komara offers video downloads and e-books on: lesson plans, staff training, and how to run a successful gymnastics school through Instantly receive your products …continue reading

HR Basics: Are Holiday Gifts Taxable?

QUESTION: As the holidays are approaching, we are looking for ideas for employee gifts. If we give gift cards or gift certificates, will they be taxable to the employee? What about hams and turkeys? ANSWER: Anything that equates to giving cash must be considered taxable income for the employee. This includes gift cards, gift certificates (even if they cannot be …continue reading

How To Stay Out Of The SPAM Folder

  Email marketing is all the rage these days. It’s the cheapest and fastest way to get information to your customers and prospects. Say you have a birthday party and 20 children come that haven’t taken a class at your facility before. Since they came to the party, you have their email address and can send them an email about …continue reading

Overcoming Fear of Water

Lots of folks are afraid of water. It’s called aquaphobia and it can be paralyzing for those who suffer from it. Whether you’re comfortable in swimming pools but not in natural bodies of water or you enjoy every possible environment for swimming, each of us has a different level of confidence in and around the water. Some environments are more …continue reading

Swimmers & Dry Skin

An expert on skin and its “conditions”, Zoe Diana Draelos, MD, from the Duke University School of Medicine, Department of Dermatology’s recently shared some information through the Swim Parents Guide on USA Swimming’s website. We’re sharing this because we understand the impact that spending lots of time in water can have to our skin. It is important to treat skin …continue reading

How To Deal With Annoying Parents

Parents – doing a good job of managing all of their needs – and personalities – is important because your business depends on them.  In your line of work, there is no way to avoid interaction with parents. They are the ones paying for the service you’re providing to their child. Hopefully, you’ll have more positive experiences with parents than …continue reading

One Interview Question You Should Ask Every Candidate

Today I missed lunch. I frequently do when I write these articles. Sometimes I end up writing through the night despite the fact that I was tired at 11 p.m. I lose track of time. Why? Because writing these articles and helping others with my advice is something I am passionate about. It feeds my purpose. In a world where …continue reading

Don’t Know Your Per-Student Value? Learn How to Calculate It!

Seems like there are numbers that you need to know for everything that involves making your gym better – and they are all important. But one number that you may have never figured out could really help you in making business decisions – especially when you’re trying to figure out if you’re investing the right amounts in the right things …continue reading