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Tumble-A-Thon for National Gymnastics Day

Saturday, September 20 is a day for gymnastics. It was started 16 years ago by USA Gymnastics with three main goals: To increase awareness and excitement for the sport of gymnastics To teach the importance of charitable outreach through sport and play To introduce gymnastics to youth who may not otherwise have the means to participate Fun & Fit Gymnastics …continue reading

Flexibility Helps Strokes

Working on your flexibility will help improve your swim strokes, but do you know exactly how to work on it? This is an interesting topic because all coaches and instructors just don’t agree. The A Camp says that swears by pre-workout stretching – noting its impact on the frequency of injuries. The B Camp says that this stretching has no …continue reading

Choreography Decisions Can Make a Difference for Your Gym

Choreography is an area of tremendous impact for your gym. It can mean the difference in scores and championships in your gym. What can you learn from people that have been there – and may have experience with both full-time and contract choreographers. You have so many factors to consider. Your choice needs to be the right one for your …continue reading

How Much Am I Worth? It Depends Who’s Asking…..

“What am I worth?” is an interesting question because it largely depends on who’s asking and why. An insurance advisor is considering your future. A headhunter is examining your track record and potential. But if the IRS is asking, you may need some help with specific expertise determine this answer. Let me explain by taking a step back. As pass-through …continue reading

Track Referrals with Jackrabbit!

Ever thought about who refers new students and families to your business? Think about how you can use this information to help save time and increase customer loyalty. Let Jackrabbit help track this information for you! Take it a step further with your email marketing. Target people who have referred or been referred to your business and customize your messaging to …continue reading

Now Trending: Faith-based All-Star Programs

More and more are springing up, all-star programs that are faith-based. If you consider the growth of this segment within cheer as similar to the increased participation in the FCC national competition then you would find about 9 times the number of these programs this year as you would in 1989.  The leaders of these faith-based programs are centered on …continue reading

Jackrabbit Helped Stepping Out Quickly Use Technology to Improve Operations

Stepping Out Dance Studio 1 location, 172 students, 14 instructors Finance Manager, Natalie Wood THE CHALLENGE As finance manager, Natalie wanted to quickly get Jackrabbit up and running for the studio’s most critical process – collecting money. Natalie finds the software easy to explore and use because of how hovering over the navigational tabs provides her with a view …continue reading

Learning Secrets of the Classroom Help Studio Instructors

We all know that the dance studio isn’t the classroom but both are teaching/learning environments and there are things that dance instructors can borrow from their classroom counterparts. The biggest difference in the two environments, according to the article that we used as a resource for this article, is that the students in the dance studio generally want to …continue reading

Create Amazing Emails with Jackrabbit’s New Email Templates

If you’re diving into the new email templates, we have a few tips for you that will help you to take advantage of the new designs to get the best possible results from your emails. Click on and read the first link that says “Click Here for Template Instructions” At this link you can: Make several template designs your own …continue reading

Jackrabbit’s Newsletter Choices

Do you have more than one Jackrabbit newsletter landing in your Inbox every month? Well, they aren’t duplicates! They are choices! You can select from our four newsletters so that you’re getting exactly what you want and need from us. We don’t want to send you newsletters that aren’t useful to you, so please take a couple of minutes to …continue reading