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Check Your Daylight Savings Setting

There’s no need to hit the snooze button on Nov. 2, because the end of daylight saving time will give you that extra hour of sleep you’ve been craving — if you live in an area that observes the time change, that is. On November 2nd at 2am, Daylight Savings Time hours will end for the year. If you observe Daylight Savings …continue reading

More Enhancements to Post Tuition Fees

Post Tuition Fees by Total Hours We’ve added “ePayment Schedule” as a search criteria so you can post your tuition fees by total hours. This gives you more flexibility when you’re using this functionality.

Why You Should Make Your Next Company Event a Family Affair

Whenever I hear the name IBM, I get all warm and tingly inside. My father worked there for 18 years when I was young and I still fondly remember IBM’s two annual events. One was a summer picnic with food, games and activities for the parents and children; I’ve even kept a few of the ribbons I won for the …continue reading

Dance Studio Insurance – The Basics

Insurance. Nobody likes it but everyone has to have it. Speaking with many dance studio owners over the years, there is always a pain when it comes to buying insurance. From the new studio owner who has never purchased before to the veteran studio owner how has had insurance for years, everyone has the same concerns and questions. What does …continue reading

Email Attachment using Dropbox – As easy as 1, 2, 3

You can add an attachment to your email in Jackrabbit using Dropbox! This enhancement is super easy to use. You will see a new setting on the email pages:​ Click on the Dropbox icon/”Choose from Dropbox” button and open up your Dropbox account (your browser most likely saves the login information so you don’t need to enter it). You will also see …continue reading

Gym Ownership Has Been Life-Changing

Diane Trifiro and her husband Tony had been involved with Hand2Hand Gymnastics for a long time: since their son was a mere boy. Their son’s love for gymnastics only grew as he matured. He began to coach and discovered a career that he loved. That is when he and his parents met a heartbreaking impasse: the owners of the gym …continue reading

Helpful Enhancements to Post Late Fees

Previously charging late fees on tuition only has been a challenge. Our dev team has put in an enhancement to help you with that! You can now post late fees for only certain transaction types and/or subtypes. And you also now have a date range to search for outstanding fees posted within certain dates. These are located in a new …continue reading

Jackrabbit Help! Type it and you have it.

Just typing JackrabbitHelp (actually in your browser will take you directly to the Jackrabbit Help Center. Jackrabbit’s Online Help Center is an awesome tool for finding out more about your software’s features and functionality. Whether you’re a “new” or “mature” user, the Online Help Center has information that you will find valuable. Here are a few things you may …continue reading

Display Settings added to Make Finding Info Easier

We’ve added new Display Settings for grade level, student user definable fields, billing contact email, future drop date, primary parent and family address. The Display Settings have been split into two sections to make it easier to find what you’re looking for: Show Student Information and Show Family Information. Emergency contacts have been increased to display 70 characters. Learn more …continue reading

Birthday Party Registration Tips from Hand2Hand Gymnastics

Diane Matson-Trifiro is the owner/manager of Hand2 Hand Gymnastics. She’s gotten creative with birthday party registrations and shares her “process” for making this super-easy for parents (and her staff) here: Diane uses Jackrabbit to simplify registration for once-a-month events and birthday parties. Here’s how you can replicate her process: Set up an event called “Child’s Name” Birthday Party Add the …continue reading