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How To Mentally Prepare Your Students

No matter what type of class you may be teaching, a huge part of the student’s success is in the palm of their..brain. Baseball Hall of Famer Yogi Berra is credited with saying that “90 percent of the game is half mental.” The physical aspect of a sport or activity can only take you so far. The mental aspect has to …continue reading

The Heartbleed Virus Does Not Put Jackrabbit Data at Risk

We know that there is concern over the Heartbleed Virus that has been announced in the media recently.  Please be assured that no Jackrabbit data has been affected by this virus. This is a bug affecting web servers using the “OpenSSL” software library which Jackrabbit DOES NOT USE.  There is always reason to be alarmed when a situation like this arises, …continue reading

Thinking lifetime (don’t break the chain)

Thinking lifetime (don’t break the chain) -Seth Godin The traveling salesman, the carnival barker and the old-time businessman can hit and run. Make the sale, cut your costs, move on. Today, though, in the connection economy, two huge factors are at work: Subscription. The lifetime value of a customer is high and getting higher. You might buy $50,000 from one …continue reading

URGENT: Yahoo Changes May Affect Your Emailing From Jackrabbit

As you may be aware from media reports, Yahoo has made some changes to their email protocol which is affecting many businesses all across the world. What is the issue exactly? Any email generated from your Jackrabbit database sent to you, staff or customers where the email “FROM” is using a Yahoo email address is now getting BLOCKED by Yahoo …continue reading

The Run – Critical to the Successful Vault

The run is a critical, often overlooked, part of the vault and plays an important role in making a gymnast’s vault successful. What happens before the gymnast even touches the springboard often determines the success of the vault. To properly race toward the vault apparatus, a gymnast’s shoulders should be relaxed, arms pumping at 90º angle with the body leaning …continue reading

Business Insurance is Critical

Business insurance is not a luxury; it’s a necessity. Many business owners feel business insurance is an expense they just can’t afford or they may consider it a luxury for larger, more established businesses. This thinking couldn’t be more backward. Business insurance, it is true, can be expensive. But it is an expense that your business – regardless of its …continue reading

Dream Tool for Managing Recitals

Pulling all of your recital elements together into one place that helps you organize and manage the details can make a big difference in whether you keep your sanity as your recital approaches. Songs, performers, programs can quickly and easily get out of hand without a management tool that is intelligent enough to see and alert you to conflicts and …continue reading

Online Registration Made Even Easier

We’re excited to announce several enhancements that give you some registration capabilities that you’ve been asking for! These enhancements impact online registration and the portal, so read them carefully to make sure you understand where your new capabilities exist. Web Registration Enhancements Enroll students in up to 15 classes! The web registration form now allows each student to enroll in …continue reading

Tips for Good Phone Etiquette

Answering the phone professionally in your facility can really make a difference in how your families and potential customers perceive your facility and the services you provide. There are a few very simple tips that can help you make calling into your facility is a good experience. Be prompt. It is not convenient or pleasant to be kept waiting. Regardless …continue reading

Open Water Adventures Uses Jackrabbit to Handle Rapid Growth and Liberate Staff

Open Water Adventures 1 location, 320/420 swimmers with seasonal swing, 14 instructors Ashton Gantz, Administrative Director THE CHALLENGE Open Water Adventures had their manual systems down pat. They were comfortable with Excel spreadsheets and their homegrown processes for managing classes, payments and student information seemed to work just fine. But as they began to experience rapid growth – doubling …continue reading